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Box in a Box Project

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HL Design were appointed by Norgine to provide the Architectural, Project Manager and Principal Designer services for the "Box in a Box" Project. The project consisted of the strip out of a redundant area within an existing facility, between an operational Department and Warehouse, to remodel the space as a new Production Line and Secondary Packing hall with new offices over the packing hall. Internally the works consisted of removal of existing walls and doors, Strip out of the existing mezzanine Office at first floor level, erection of a new structure to support a new first floor slab, formation of new partition, new doors and finishes to provide the new desired layout and new services to suit the proposed function.


Externally the works consist of the formation of a new galvanised steel mezzanine platform, spanning over the existing boiler house and water treatment building, to provide an elevated services deck to accommodate an external chiller area and an enclosed (Clad, roofed and louvered) AHU shelter to supply the new production line service (and provide space for future expansion) and the demolition of the existing Duct Extraction annex to form a personnel link between the existing secondary packing hall and the new production line.


The works also consist of enhancements to the existing infrastructure, relocation of existing plant and re-provision of services to existing adjacent areas affected by the main works.


Following completion of the works the client relocated an existing production line into the completed area.

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