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Norgine Pharmaceutical Plant

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HL Design have been engaged by Norgine, a Pharmaceutical company based in Ystradd Mynachon, to provide Architectural, Project Manager and Principal Designer services for the past 20 years, undertaking all projects of varying nature, ranged from major new build extensions to complex phased internal refurbishments, which were undertaken whilst maintaining production within the necessary cleanroom environment. The following are an indication of the type of schemes we have completed at Norgine Limited;

• New Amenity block and locker development.

• Numerous office developments and fit outs.

• Plant room and loading bay extensions

• Warehouse extensions & refurbishments

• OSD and PEG products upgrade and refurbishments

• New main entrance scheme

• New sprinkler tank and infrastructure improvements
  incorporating new car parking

• New packing facility

• New flowrapping facility

• New R & D development

• WIP Room segregation.

• Strategic Development plans

• Q C Laboratory refurbishment

• New production line development

• New Secondary Packing Hall Changing Facilities

As in all pharmaceutical environments there are significant controls within the plant. These include strict clothing and disrobing procedures and cascade air pressure systems with air locks within the various areas. Construction projects within such environments have to be very carefully planned to ensure all standards are met at all times and the existing plant maintained in operation with the minimum of disruption. Contractor selection and procurement procedures are carefully selected to ensure this happens during every project. Meeting the designated programmes is very often critical to maximising production on the site.

HL design work closely with the Client at all stages to ensure each project runs as anticipated.

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