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HL Design has worked closely with Velindre NHS Trust at their cancer hospital in Cardiff over the last 25 years. During this period the practice has designed and procured many schemes for the hospital representing all the facets of Oncology. Throughout this time the practice has worked closely with the hospitals medical physics department (Radiation Protection Advisers) and the various machine suppliers developing a full understanding of the demanding technical requirements of the systems in use within modern Oncology departments. These works have included:

•  Linear Accelerators suites

•  CT Simulators suites

•  MRI suites

•  Gamma cameras suites

•  Brachytherapy suites

•  General Radiology

•  Gamma / Cyber knife suites

•  Radio Nuclide suite

•  Steriotactic suites

•  Various ward accommodation schemes including active support units and isolation units

•  Phlebotomy departments

•  Chemotherapy wards

•  Pharmacy’s including aseptic suites.

•  Related office accommodation for the various administrative departments and trials including research labs.

With the knowledge and hands on experience developed  during the many schemes HL design have an ability to correctly interpret the Clients requirements and quickly come to solutions which meet both the users aspirations and the detailed technical requirements of advanced systems including radiation protection. HL Design pride themselves on providing a holistic service which only terminates on the successful installation of machine systems and completion of the clinical commissioning.

HL Design have also worked with ABMU Health Board based  in Swansea on various Oncology based schemes over the last 18 years. This including the construction of four Radiotherapy Treatment Rooms, an aerial bridge link to the hospital and the refurbishment / adaptation of the whole of their Oncology department of some 85 rooms. This whole exercise completed in a complex series of phased works keeping the Oncology department functioning at all times. The practice regularly manages demanding and complex projects in difficult hospital situations. Oncology departments are always under pressure and so design solutions and the management of the projects need to be tightly controlled to ensure patient throughput is not affected during the works.

With our expertise H L Design have advised various Trusts throughout the country working with the various machine suppliers.

This section sets out some of the projects carried out by HL Design in this sphere of expertise.

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