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Project Management

At HL Design Consultancy Ltd we have undertaken the role of a Project Manager for the majority of projects we have delivered. We consider the Architectural Consultant is best placed to act as Project Manager, already providing the service of leading the design team and having experience administering contracts over the years. We have undertaken this role utilising JCT forms of contract and NEC forms of contract, being well versed in all options. Clients have preferred to use us to perform the role especially on contracts where we are providing our Architectural services as it does not bring another tier into the design team which results in better communication. We have a proven track record which reflects a quality in terms of building design and contract administration. Through collaborative working we coordinate all aspects of the procurement process from inception to handover to ensure all projects are completed on programme, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client and stakeholders

As Project Managers HL Design Consultancy Ltd will :-

  • Develop and maintain project scope and definition.

  • Manage and control programmes.

  • Appoint professionals and contractors where necessary.

  • Act as the Client’s Representative.

  • Manage risk.

  • Administer the contract.

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